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Tobacco Cessation Prevention Programs


Break the Habit
The “Break the Habit” smoking cessation program is a joint effort by the Knox County Health Department and the Illinois Tobacco Quitline/American Lung Association Helpline. This program is available to residents in Knox County that desire assistance with smoking cessation efforts. The program is open to participants age 18 and older.



The Quitline is open 7 days a week from 7AM to 9PM Monday through Friday and 9AM to 5Pm on both Saturday and Sunday. For more information you can call the Health Department at 309-344-2224 or go to the Tobacco Quitline website at


Freedom from Smoking
Freedom from Smoking is a seven-session American Lung Association stop-smoking program. With the supportive environment, many smokers are finally able to break their smoking addictions.





Crushed Cigarette



Each smoker who joins the clinic will develop an individual plan for quitting. The clinic includes the latest improved skills for good stress management, weight control, assertive communication and exercise, as well as information on Nicotine Replacement Therapy. A panel of ex-smokers will share their success stories to motivate participants to quit.


Programs may be scheduled at businesses for their employees and are also offered to the public as needed. Also visit the website at