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About the Knox County Health Department


The Knox County Health Department is one of thousands of local public health agencies across the United States who have adopted a new identity for local public health, one that nationally communicates dedication to community health and safety. This new identity represents what public health does - and what public health achieves:
“The symbol of a three-pointed shield and stylized plus illustrate a universal recognition associated with health, with protection and with growth”.

  • The three point symmetry reinforces the three core functions of of public health.
  • The words Prevent, Promote, Protect are a simple, elegant state- ment that embraces everything that public health accomplishes and differentiates public health as both a sentinel and responder.
  • The colors stand for integrity, authority and stability. They symbolize the legacy and steadfast qualities of public health.

KCHDAs administrator Michele Gabriel says, "The Health Department touches the lives of everyone in our community, every single day. Much of this work takes place outside of the public's view. By adopting the national identity for local public health the Department is part of a national initiative to ensure that people recognize, understand and use the many services that public health offers."

Michelle Gabriel, MPH is currently Public Health Administrator at Knox County Health Department, overseeing a staff of 46 full time equivalents and a budget of $4.4 million.